Vital Information

Planning a wedding can bring up all sorts of challenges, but together we will work them out!

One of the most important documents you will need is your Wedding License.  Without it, I cannot pronounce you husband and wife.  They are easily obtained at your local County Clerk’s office.   Please call your nearest office to get their times open, fees, etc.  You can find your local County Clerk’s office online or in a phone book.

Normally, you will need to obtain your License 7 days ahead of your actual wedding date.  You can, however, under certain circumstances, get a License 3 days before your wedding date.  Please confirm this with the person you speak with at the County Clerk’s office.

If you have any problems, feel free to call me and I’ll be happy to help you find the answer you’re looking for.  503-545-7618

Enjoy this wonderful time!

Rev. Beverly Rose